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Story of the Kid Soldier Series

Story Lines of the Kid Soldier Series

Kid Soldier and the Military Troop Cats:

In The year 3999 Planet Earth Is In The Protection of The Military Troop Force 9 a World Government Organization Able To Stop The Elite Army From Taking Over The World. Now The Military Government Saw The An Attack On New England Sergeant Command Leader General Hollen Mastery Phoenix Talking To Other government Who Is Behind The Imperial Threat? General Henry Mace Smile Talk about the Main objective. Trazalid Telling To Mace What His Main Plan. Mace’s Main Is Take down the Phoenix & Military Government Sending His Shadow Mask Army and Ninjas to Destroy Them Government are Powerless to Stop General Mace for Betraying the Government. General Phoenix tells mace He’ll Sent a Little Kid and 4 Alley Cats to Mess up Mace’s Plans once and for all and Mace laughs at Phoenix thinks is a Joke to Him but to general Phoenix it isn’t a Joke it's a plan to Send Earth's newest Fighting Soldiers to stop him. In Japan there’s a Young average 12 year old boy name Rameda Tetsumora (テツモラ ラメダ). Sleeping in the Desk in the first time not paying attention to Teacher’s Assignment. Then Mr. Taokasu Bangs on Rameda’s Desk to wake Him up and Rameda Salutes with no reason & embarrass himself. Mr. Taokasu warned Rameda not Sleep in my or He'll have a 1 week in Detention. Then General Phoenix in disguise as a Car driver to take rameda to military troop 9 where the government talks to Rameda about the threat known as General mace who is trying to take over the world. Then Gave rameda a military suit & Kannon gun then Rameda became The Ultimate elite fighting Child Commando in the Name called Kid Soldier. At USA Westfinster North Carolina Reinforcements from the military troop force 9 wanted help from 4 Alley Cats. The 1 Heathcliff Toughest trouble making cat named Heathcliff & his Junkyard cats friends Hector a New jersey Himalayan cat, Wordsworth a white with skates, a Walkman & Speaks in Rhyme and Mungo a purple Dimwitted cat.4 of them Saw phoenix's federal army forces trying to talk to them to need their help. But they Wouldn't Trust them Then They Refuse & Ran away then the army ran away to chase them Then they caught them from each far area where they're hiding. Then They're sent the cats to the Military troop force 9 where phoenix is trying to tell 4 cats they needed their help to stop New enemy threat that will cause a massive new world war, world Domination and Destruction then Heathcliff and his 4 cat friends agree to help them to Stop general mace then the 4 cats become known as The Military troop cats. Then Rameda is in his First Mission in New England where the threat has started. Then he bumps into Heathcliff Then His Friends Hector, Wordsworth & Mungo Met him too and now they're together as The Undefeated 1 Child and 4 cat army that no elite threat can Touch nor Kill. 5 of them are Kid Soldier and the military troop cats.

Kid Soldier and the military Troop cats. Their Main Mission is to Fight & Stop the Evil General Mace and His Army master Generals from taking over the World and Gathering 12 ancient Mystical Crystal Stones Called alchemy Stones which are Gems Contains Power Natural elements fire, water, earth, wind, light, sand, dark, phantasm, Nature, Psychic, Metal, & ice. Mace is using them to Awaken Eradicator Titan of Destruction an ultimate Bionic Destructive Droid who will destroy Humanity & the universe. They must Stop General evil & fight His 22 Army masters from getting to their goal of world Domination.

Kid Soldier and the military troop Cats 2nd Mission:

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