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Kid Soldier

Kid Soldier

Story: Rameda Tetsumora is a Japanese African Kid once as a normal Middle Student but the man named general Hollen phoenix of the military troop force 9 needed Rameda’s help to Stop the threat and traitor General Henry mace, Also known as the The military governments Youngest Elite Fighting New Commando Kid Soldier Code “Red Grenade Fist”. Who’s Main Objective is Stop any Imperial Threat from Taking over humanity and He is now in Middle College as 15 years old. Kid Soldier Has his Friends and allies like Heathcliff,Hector,Wordsworth and Mungo & Kid Striker, Raff raff, Cleo, Leroy and Bush are on his side He and the 4 Main Cats Fight Many Various Armies of Elite troopers, Ninjas and Hockey Masked Soldiers who're Trying to Kill them. Kid Soldier and the military troop cats objective is always stopping the Evil General mace where ever he's planning Kid Solder, Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth, & Mungo are always on to him and fighting against his plans from world domination and He and 4 Cats are the 5 successors Military fighting Style "Go Gunji ken" 5 Military fist which is the most Devastating Overpowered Fighting Style ever known for Unleashing Devastating Military Signature Moves.
His father is a Soldier who fights the imperials against Mace's plans when he's gone and nowhere to be found. Kid Soldier & His Allies Must Fight against the Imperial Threat to make sure humanity will be in Peaceful protection against oppression and Dictatorship.

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