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Kid Striker

Kid Striker

Kid Striker is Known in Reality Life as Kage Shibuto Friend of Rameda and Partner of Kid Soldier and his team. Back then Kage saw Riff raff and Cleo trapped in a dead end by Big Bang who's about to Kill Riff raff and Cleo then Both Cats Cried for out for help. then Kage who is Kid Striker Saved them from Big Bang killing the cats off. Riff raff and Cleo Both thank kid striker for saving their lives Riff Raff and Cleo Join the military troop force 9 and fight against the imperials. Now Kage is 14 years old Doing Like He does Best getting Lucky with the ladies and making the Bullies Get in trouble and Crashing Elite army's Plans. Kid Striker is the hard hitting leader, Riff raff is 2nd in command and Cleo is the 3rd Most reliable reconnaissance Cat in Charge, Leroy is 4th and Armed Weaponry Dog of the Team and Bush is the 5th Gullible Helper of the team. Later on Beast Soldress Tags along since She's best Friends with Cleo when She was Saved from the Black Nark Forces.

Kage is a Hyperactive, Energetic Full Throttle Confident Child and Ignorant Hypocritical Person and as Kid Striker a Trash Talking, Cock sore, Tough Courageous Aggressive Soldier who Always on the Move Ready for More action and Capable to Fight off imperial army Soldiers & Help out Kid Soldier & the Military troop cats to Join get the Mission Done. Sometimes a Sarcastic Wise Cracking Potty Mouth talking insults to Bullies and Mace’s Army. But a Very Understandable Kid who respects His Friends and Rameda his long time Best Friend & His other Strong Partner the Catillac cat Riff Raff & He Fully Respects His Girl Friend and Most Help Diligent Ally Cleo and He’s Close Friends with Junkyard Dog Leroy.

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